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Hi, I'm Steve.

I'm your partner to introduce sessions and sprinkle levity and energy throughout your event.

For 20 years, I’ve written and performed comedy at various organizations, including PayPal, American Express, and Sezzle. I’ve worked on hundreds of events and entertained thousands of people. I’ve performed on stage, in conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, parks, clubs, and on buses (yup, a bus).


I also have lots of experience helping manage and coordinate corporate events and trade shows. I’ve worked closely with production teams to make these events creative and engaging and ensure the meetings go off without a hitch.

Man in checkered shirt against grey background

My Passion.

Writing and performing comedy has always been one of the most fulfilling parts of my job, even when it wasn’t my full-time job. I know how to keep it clean and relevant and make people laugh. I poke fun at our sometimes absurd work lives in a non-offensive way and offer creative perspectives on what takes place within our worlds.

Comments I’ve received:

  • “You’ve got a talent for capturing what we’re all thinking and delivering it on spot!”

  • “That day was dragging. But then you brought everybody back to life!”

  • “I was crying I was laughing so hard! I don’t know how you think of this stuff!!”

  • “Steve, you totally made this meeting. That was hilarious!”

  • “I can’t believe you work here. I thought you were a hired comedian!”

Photo of man sitting on couch

Amazing couch posture


My Talent.

Over the years, I’ve been tapped many times to help bring creativity and fun to projects. I've been a regular at Sales Kickoff Meetings and Customer Summits and have helped host and moderate sessions. I also write/edit internal and external presentations, videos, speeches, and social posts. These contributions have a tangible impact within the corporate space that translates to increased morale and productivity. Everything I write and edit is customized and timely for that audience.

Why Should You Bring
Humor To Your Meeting?

When people work happy, they work smart. This isn’t just fun and games. It's about enlivening the culture at organizations, and helping talented people do their work with a healthy, relaxed attitude. I promise to enhance your engagements. I promise to make people laugh. I promise to make your company a happier, more creative place to work, I will increase employee morale (47%), productivity (17%), and stock price (3-5% on days I perform). Ok, maybe I’m overpromising. Comedy writing and performing is my passion.


There’s nothing I do better than this (aside from ping-pong).


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